Specialists in pediatrics provide expert care for a range of children’s diseases.

Children are physically different from adults. They may get the same disease or medical condition as an adult, but it impacts them differently. It’s why they need special care.

The VBMC Pediatric Specialty Unit has physicians on the VBMC medical staff trained in pediatric subspecialties of cardiology, pulmonology, hematology/oncology and gastroenterology available to see your child as an outpatient by appointment or on consultation for inpatients.

And if your child requires admission, our dedicated pediatric unit supports family-centered care including overnight accommodations for one parent to stay at the child's bedside to provide comfort and support.

From Hospital to Home, Keeping the Focus on Kids' Health

Besides advanced pediatric care, Health Quest offers resources dedicated to helping your child stay healthy. Many Health Quest Medical Practice primary care physicians treat children as well as their parents.

Pediatric Hospitalist

What is a Pediatric Hospitalist?

Pediatric Hospitalists are pediatricians who are specialized in caring for children admitted to the hospital. At Vassar Brothers Medical Center, the hospitalists are on-site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to respond quickly to emergencies or changes in your child’s condition. They can also promptly coordinate your child’s individualized care with specialists (such as a cardiologist or surgeon), the laboratory, radiology, and other services, as needed.

What to expect?

Upon arrival to the Pediatric Unit at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, your child will be under the care of a hospitalist or a nurse practitioner, who will coordinate your child’s care until he or she returns home. During your child’s stay, you may see more than one hospitalist, depending on the length of your child’s hospitalization and the rotation of the hospitalist group. The pediatric hospitalist will communicate with your child’s primary care physician throughout your child’s stay – upon admission to establish the plan of care, with ongoing updates on your child’s condition, and at discharge.

A hospitalist will see your child every day and as needed throughout his or her hospitalization. At the time of discharge, the hospitalist will speak with you and provide instructions for your child’s at-home care and follow up. After your child is discharged from the hospital, his or her primary care physician will resume the care of your child.

Pediatrics Support Groups

Vassar Brothers Medical Center offers several support groups to help children and their families who are experiencing a chronic medical condition or serious family situation.

For times and locations, please see News and Events or call (845) 454-8500. 

Cub’s Place supports children (grades K-5) who are coping with a serious family problem such as a family member’s chronic illness, death, military deployment or recent unemployment. Led by a licensed clinical social worker, Cub’s Place is a friendly, stress-free environment where children can play and bond with other children dealing with similar issues.

The Autism & ADHD Support Group gives parents affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD a place to share the challenges they face raising a child with Autism or ADHD. Facilitated by a licensed clinical social worker, the group occasionally hosts guest speakers and community leaders who share their expertise.

The Juvenile Diabetes Support Group helps parents and children affected by Type 1 Diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes. This is a simultaneous group in which parents and children meet separately. Children meet with peers and a licensed clinical social worker to discuss aspects of their diagnosis and work through problems/issues through activities designed to encourage discussion. The parent group is facilitated by a JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) parent mentor and covers a variety of topics, including education, new

The Pediatric Unit has joined a growing national movement to bring the arts into hospital settings as part of the healing process with Arts For Healing. The Pediatric Unit and the Mill Street Loft in Poughkeepsie have developed a healing arts program designed to enhance the lives of chronically ill children and families. Projects are designed to provide children with arts activities to help them cope with the emotional stresses of illness, reduce anxiety, provide a positive distraction from pain and discomfort, encourage experiences of normalcy, and enhance creativity and self-esteem during treatments and hospital stays. Arts professionals come to the Pediatric Department on Tuesday mornings to work directly with patients and families in the outpatient Specialty Center and with patients admitted to the inpatient unit.


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