October 2020

A view from the parking garage. 

October 2020

April 2019

Drone footage of construction progress. 

April 2019

September 5

Signed steel beam placed on new Vassar Brothers Medical Center patient pavilion on the project’s two-year anniversary.

September 2018

July 13

For the first time, windows are seen on what is known by the construction team as “A Podium North.” The shape of the western exterior wall reflects the curve of the Hudson River.

July 2018

January 18, 2018

Work stays on schedule through the winter months, despite multiple heavy snowstorms and subzero temperatures.

January 2018

October 6

The first pieces of steel are rigged. In the coming months, the view from Route 9 will change as steel is erected and the eventual patient pavilion begins to take shape.

October 2017

June 28

The red arrow identifies the "floor" of the first floor of the patient pavilion. The two levels below the first floor will be for parking.

June 2017

November 4

An aerial view of the Vassar Brothers Medical Center Patient Pavilion construction site.

November 2016


Construction begins on the new $500 million patient pavilion that will transform healthcare in the Hudson Valley and be a landmark facility in the City of Poughkeepsie.

January 2016


The Daniel Z. Aronzon, MD Ambulatory Surgery Center, the heart and soul of the Center for Ambulatory Services, opens on the hospital campus, providing both patients and physicians with easy access to state-of-the-art operating rooms and physician offices.

January 2012

December 2002

The spacious Dyson Center for Cancer Care is opened, providing cancer patients in the region with access to cancer specialists and enhanced services.

December 2002


Reflecting its commitment to providing advanced services in the region, Vassar Brothers Hospital changes its name to Vassar Brothers Medical Center.

January 2002


The $70 million west wing is opened, bringing the first and only cardiothoracic surgery service to the region, as well as a luxurious maternity center.

January 2000


Vassar Brothers Hospital Celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

January 1987


The Hospital opens the region’s first and only special care nursery for newborns. By 1986, this unit evolves into a full-service neonatal intensive care unit.

January 1977


The South Circle Wing is built, expanding bed capacity to 342 and adding nine new operating rooms.

January 1969


The Hospital’s successful public education campaign results in a new four story semi-private pavilion. The new pavilion opens its doors and features new operating rooms, maternity and children’s departments, and a new X-ray department, making the hospital the most advanced in the Hudson Valley. The establishment of a tumor clinic, one of the earliest in the country, leads to an important and beneficial affiliation with the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

January 1924

April 11, 1887

Vassar Hospital, the first hospital in Dutchess and Ulster counties, opens its doors to the public. The hospital boasts: 4 wards with 10 beds each, 3 private rooms with river views, and barns for the doctors’ horses and ambulance horses. In its first year, Vassar Brothers Hospital admits 80 patients!

April 1887