Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Transforming Healthcare on the Hudson

Transforming Healthcare on the Hudson

  • Designed for Everyone — and the Environment

    The new LEED-certified patient pavilion has been designed to meet the needs of patients, staff and visitors while keeping the environment in mind.

  • Patient Pavilion: Aerial View
    • Solar Shading

      Solar Shading

      Special patient window coverings offer shade and privacy without compromising Hudson River views.

    • Accessible Outdoor Space

      Accessible Outdoor Space

      A safe and secure outdoor space off the lobby offers a peaceful retreat with nature.

    • Reduced Water Use

      Reduced Water Use

      Low-flow faucets and fixtures with auto-off controls save an estimated 20,000 gallons of water per day.

    • Improved Public Transit Access

      Improved Public Transit Access

      New bus stops including bus shelters closer to the campus provide easier access to public transit.

    • Reduced Energy Use

      Reduced Energy Use

      LED lights, energy recovery and efficient insulation result in a 20 percent reduction in energy demand.

    • Reduced Rainwater Runoff

      Reduced Rainwater Runoff

      Vegetated roofs retain rainwater runoff, reducing demands on local storm water systems.

    • Outdoor Lighting that Doesn’t Disrupt Birds

      Outdoor Lighting that Doesn’t Disrupt Birds

      All site lighting faces downward to reduce light pollution and its effects on migratory bird patterns.

    • Indoor Bike Parking

      Indoor Bike Parking

      The new pavilion includes indoor bike racks and shower rooms to encourage bike commuting.

    • Green Vehicle Parking

      Green Vehicle Parking

      The underground garage has preferred parking spaces and charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles.

    • Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect

      Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect

      159 underground parking spaces and more campus green space help keep the outdoor temperature cooler, which reduces the urban heat island effect.