Minimally invasive surgery means quicker recovery and less pain.

The surgeons on the medical staff of Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital Center and Vassar Brothers Medical Center are specially trained in robotic surgery such as the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System, MAKOplasty® orthopedic surgery and the Navio® surgical system. Robotic surgery can transform complex procedures into minimally invasive surgeries for a wide range of treatments, including hysterectomies, prostatectomies, thoracic and general abdominal surgeries and hip and knee surgeries.

Robotic Surgery at Putnam Hospital Center on Good Day Hudson Valley

da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci® Surgical System is the latest, most innovative way to turn complex surgeries into minimally invasive procedures. Northern Dutchess Hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Putnam Hospital offer da Vinci® Robotic Surgery for general surgeries, particularly for urological, gynecological and gastrointestinal conditions. Known for its unparalleled precision, da Vinci® Robotic Surgery allows surgeons to make fewer and smaller incisions with more precision and greater control. For the patient, this can mean less blood loss, less need for transfusion and fewer complications.

Da Vinci® Robotic Surgery also frequently results in less pain and less scarring, thus speeding up your recovery time. This means your hospital stay is shorter and you can get home faster to resume the activities you love.

Because the da Vinci® Surgical System allows surgeons to enjoy unmatched dexterity, they have been able to apply the technology skillfully to many procedures. For example, da Vinci® Robotic Surgery is now the preferred procedure for removing the uterus in women with endometrial cancer and for removing the prostate in men following early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Benefits to You

Because of its ability to make the smallest incisions, robotic surgery frequently results in less blood loss, less chance for infection, less scarring and quicker recovery time. That means you may be able to manage your pain better, spend less time in the hospital and get back to your favorite activities faster.

MAKOPLASTY®for Hip and Knee Procedures

Putnam Hospital Center and Vassar Brothers Medical Center are the only hospitals in the Mid-Hudson Valley to offer MAKOplasty® hip and knee surgeries. For more details, see:

Health Quest offers free seminars at Vassar Brothers Medical Center to help you learn more about MAKOplasty® surgery. Find times, dates and locations on the event calendar.

da Vinci® Surgery for Lower Body Procedures

Northern Dutchess Hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Putnam Hospital Center use da Vinci® surgery to perform precise urological, gynecological, gastrointestinal and thoracic procedures.
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