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Patient Outcomes

To give you a better understanding of what you might expect to experience at The Paul Rosenthal Rehabilitation Center, we offer the following information based on patient experiences in 2019.

We discharged 130 patients who underwent rehabilitation for the following:

54 Stroke (CVA) 41.7%
15 Lower Extremity Fracture ( Hip or Femur) 11.5%
13 Non-Traumatic Brain Injury 10%
5 Traumatic Brain Injury 3.8%
9 Neurological  Impairment 6.9%
14 General Debility 10.8%
4 Other Orthopedic Impairment (ankle fractures, back surgery) 3.1%
2 Major Multiple Trauma 1.5%
3 Amputations 2.3%
1 Pulmonary 0.8%
3 Non-Traumatic Spinal Cord Dysfunction    2.3%
3 Traumatic Spinal Cord Dysfunction  2.3%
1 Cardiac Disorder  0.8%
1 Guillain-Barré Syndrome
1 Burns  0.8%
1 Joint Replacement  0.8%

The average age of our patients was 70.8 years old, 58.5% male (76) and 52.6% female (54), and 69.2% (90) of patients achieved the functional independence level necessary to return to home.

Listed below is the average length of stay for the year 2019 based on diagnosis:

Stroke (CVA) 17.9 days
Lower Extremity Fractures 12.3 days
Non-Traumatic Brain Injury 12.2 days
Traumatic Brain Injury 12.8 days
Neurological Impairment   17.1 days
Non-Traumatic Brain Dysfunction 14.3 days
General Debility  11.5 days
Other Orthopedic 10.3 days
Non-Traumatic Spinal Cord Dysfunction 15 days 
Traumatic Spinal Cord Dysfunction 13 days 

The discharge dispositions for the 130 patients discharged in 2019 are as follows:

Home or community dwelling 90 patients 69.2%
Unplanned transfer back to acute care   7 patients 5.4%
Sub-Acute Rehabilitation 33 patients 25.4%

Patient Satisfaction

In 2019, 96.4% of the patients discharged from the Rehabilitation Center agreed with the statement “The rehab program prepared me to go home.”
94.3% agreed “The progress I made met my expectations” and 96.2% agreed “The rehab program improved my quality of life”.