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Discharge Planning Begins Upon Your Arrival

Discharge planning begins on the day of admission. You will actively participate in this planning process along with family members, caregivers and the other members of your rehabilitation team.

You will establish realistic goals for discharge within the first few days of admission, and these goals will be reassessed and revised throughout your stay as needed. Our goal is to make your transition home, or to another appropriate discharge destination, as stress-free and safe as possible.

Family involvement

Family members and caregivers may be included in therapy sessions to help ensure a safe transition to home. Family conferences may be offered if you, caregivers or members of the rehabilitation team feel they would be beneficial. These conferences are an opportunity to provide a progress report, discuss goals and needs related to discharge planning, and address any barriers or limitations to discharge identified by the care team.

Planning a safe transition

The team will assist you and your caregivers in determining and acquiring any necessary equipment you will need for safety, comfort and continued recovery after you leave the Center. We will discuss the living environment and make recommendations as appropriate for improved safety and fall prevention. We will advise and assist you in setting up any recommended follow-up services, and we will educate you and your caregivers about managing medications once home.

Home evaluation

A home evaluation may be scheduled to assess the home environment and provide recommendations for equipment or modifications that will promote independence and safety. If a home evaluation is recommended, a therapist or case coordinator will discuss with you the objectives of the evaluation and arrangements for transportation and scheduling.