Assisting Patients with a Variety of Communications Needs

Health Quest provides a range of services to enable clear communication with patients.

Being able to communicate with your care team through a medical interpreter is an essential component of excellent hospital care. Federal, New York State and Connecticut laws require all patients be provided the language services they need to ensure "meaningful access" to medical care. At Health Quest, there are many ways to overcome the barriers that language differences and physical disability can create.

When you arrive for your medical appointment or for general admission to our hospitals, our intake team will ask you about your language preference or other communication needs as a first step to ensure you have effective communication with a care provider.

Interpretive services are available for non-English speaking, visually impaired, deaf and hard-of-hearing patients.

To inquire about these services, call 845-431-9491 TTY/Accessibility: 800.421.1220, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm or email: