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Monday - Friday from 7am to 6pm, call (888) 525-4767 to schedule an appointment or receive assistance from the HQMP CONNECT team to find a primary care provider. We can even help with referrals and insurance.

Health Quest Medical Practice – Carmel

HQMP Primary Care
150 Route 52
Carmel, NY 10512


(888) 525-HQMP (4767)
TTY/Accessibility: (800) 421-1220


Primary Care:
Monday–Thursday, 8am–5pm

Friday, 8:30am5pm

Behavioral Health
660 Stoneleigh Avenue
Carmel, NY 10512
(845) 278-5582

Inpatient, Outpatient and Day Program:

(845) 278-5582

Partial Hospitalization Program:

(845) 279-5711, Ext. 6443

The physicians and staff at Carmel Primary Care and Behavioral Health provide compassionate care to meet the needs of you and your family.

As part of Health Quest Medical Practice, our physicians have access to all of the resources of the Health Quest family of award-winning hospitals and other healthcare providers. That means that if you require more specialized care, your provider can refer you to a Health Quest specialist and still remain a key partner on your healthcare team.

Primary Care

Whatever your healthcare needs, your primary care physician is the first person to call. Our dedicated, experienced physicians can help with everything from annual checkups and minor illnesses to more complicated medical needs that may require partnering with a specialist.

To make an appointment with a primary care physician in Carmel, call (888) 525-HQMP (4767).

Print and complete these forms prior to your arrival:

Behavioral Health

When mental health issues become overwhelming, Health Quest Medical Practice and Putnam Hospital Center provide comprehensive behavioral health treatment in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

The Health Quest behavioral health team is made up of psychiatrists, licensed social workers, crisis intervention specialists and mental health workers, all dedicated to helping you or a loved one receive needed support within a safe and caring environment.

The behavioral health treatment can be handled in an outpatient setting by our board-certified psychiatrists who are trained to treat numerous conditions, including depression, various psychological disorders, substance abuse and geriatric-specific problems. For emergency situations, such as suicidal threat or psychotic breakdown, our acute short-term inpatient mental health unit is available to safely stabilize a patient in personal crisis.

We also offer a day program that acts as a bridge between hospitalization and private therapy.

To make an appointment for behavioral health services in Carmel, call (888) 525-HQMP (4767).

Meet Our Primary Care Providers

Having a strong relationship with your healthcare provider is essential, so you want to choose someone with whom you're comfortable. Find the right fit by clicking on the links below to learn more about each provider.

Frasant Chaudhry, MD

Primary Care Doctor Aswini Choudhury, MD

Primary Care
Aswini Choudhury, MD
Watch Video

Primary Care
Michael Dubin,MD
Watch Video

Primary Care
Egesta Manni
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Meet our Behavioral Health Providers


Behavioral Health Hillary Harrison, MD

Behavioral Health
Hillary Harrison, MD

Behavioral Health John J. Wang, MD

Behavioral Health
John J. Wang, MD

Behavioral Health Yelena Yermak, MD

Behavioral Health
Yelena Yermak, MD

Behavioral Health Melissa Dudas, DO

Behavioral Health
Melissa Dudas, DO

Behavioral Health
Marylinn Markarian, MD

Behavioral Health Tania Barreras-Cruz, MD

Behavioral Health
Tania Barreras-Cruz, MD