• Lyme disease is just one type of infectious disease we can diagnose, treat and help prevent.

    The Health Quest Medical Practice Division of Infectious Diseases provides evaluations, diagnostics and treatment for many types of infectious diseases, as well as vaccinations, including those recommended for international travel.

    Lyme Disease and Tickborne Illnesses

    Dutchess County has the highest number of reported cases of Lyme disease in New York State. Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis are just two of many tickborne illnesses, which are caused by different types of ticks. Most people get bit during spring and summer months while spending time outdoors. Fortunately, most tickborne illnesses are easily treatable, especially if caught early enough.

    Before you hike through dense woods where ticks thrive, make sure you wear long sleeves, long pants and socks and use insect repellent for protection. However, if you notice a bull’s eye (Lyme disease) or other uniquely shaped rash, experience aches or fever, come see us for an evaluation and treatment.

    Other Infectious Diseases We Treat

    Our services also include testing and treating HIV(human immunodeficiency virus), sepsis, cellulitis and sexually transmitted diseases like hepatitis, chlamydia and genital herpes. And we can educate you on prevention methods to help protect you from these diseases.

    Pre-Travel Immunizations

    Some parts of the world still have outbreaks of infectious diseases, like yellow fever and malaria. Even our region is susceptible to outbreaks of pneumonia and meningitis. So whether you’re planning a trip abroad or your childhood vaccinations need a booster, we can give you the necessary immunizations to help you stay healthy.

    Vaccines are available for:

    And of course, we also give flu shots for this commonly spread illness.

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