Vassar sleep lab earns reaccreditation

Posted: 12/19/2017

The Sleep Lab at Vassar Brothers Medical Center’s Center for Sleep Medicine, located in the Fishkill Medical Mall, has received a five-year reaccreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Accreditation from the academy demonstrates a facility’s commitment to providing high-quality diagnostic services and management of sleep disorders to patients and referring physicians.

We are honored to have earned our reaccreditation from the academy and are committed to providing excellent care and service to all of our patients,” said Tracey Terry, manager for the Center for Sleep Medicine and Sleep Lab at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.

The Sleep Lab, open for diagnostic sleep studies Monday through Friday, hosts six hotel-style bedrooms and performs studies on patients ages 3 and up.

The overnight study test, called a polysomnogram, can diagnose sleep disorders and also determine the effectiveness of various treatment options.

Using advanced diagnostic technology, registered polysomnographic technologists monitor brain waves, breathing, heart rate and rhythm, eye movements, limb movements and muscle tone throughout the duration of the study.

At the completion of the study, data is evaluated to determine if a patient is experiencing sleep apnea or a less common sleep disorder. Within 10 business days, a completed report with treatment recommendations will be sent to the patient’s referring physician by a board-certified sleep physician.

With nearly 10,000 members, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, established in 1975, is the largest professional membership society for physicians, scientists and other healthcare providers dedicated to the field of sleep medicine.

To learn more about sleep medicine and how you can undergo a sleep study at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, visit

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