Somers woman makes pillows for Putnam Hospital Center’s breast patients

Posted: 4/2/2019

When breast cancer patients have surgery at Putnam Hospital Center, they receive a soft, handmade pillow thanks to a woman who knows what it’s like to be in their place.

Maria Giewat, of Somers, had breast surgery at Putnam Hospital Center in 2016 and a friend, she said, had given her a pillow to ease her pain. With the help of friends, Giewat has since been paying it forward, making heart-shaped pillows for breast cancer patients at the hospital.

So far, she has delivered 540 pillows.

“I feel so good knowing that I’m bringing someone else comfort after their surgery,” Giewat said.

Maureen O’Connor, a nurse liaison in Surgical Services, collects the pillows and hands them out to patients post-surgery, stressing how much they appreciate the gift and gesture.

“It warms their heart,” O’Connor said. “Maria has truly touched so many lives in the community.”

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Maria Giewat, right, delivers pillows to nurse liaison Maureen O’Connor.


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