Center for Healthy Aging offers team approach to fall prevention

Posted: 9/29/2016

Northern Dutchess Hospital’s Body in Harmony balance day returns on Thursday, Oct. 20, at the hospital’s Center for Healthy Aging, 6529 Springbrook Ave.

Private appointments can be made between 10 a.m. and noon. Each evaluation includes a physical examination by a geriatric medicine physician, a medication review by a pharmacist, and a balance and gait test with a physical therapist. A licensed social worker will be available to discuss how to cope with fears about falling.

“By learning about fall prevention, people can be more confident in their environment, remain physically active and avoid injuries,” hospital physical medicine director Cathy Leonard said.

Registration is required. Please call 845-876-4745 (TTY 800-421-1220). For information on the Center for Healthy Aging, visit

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