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Our Media Relations gives journalists the tools they need to produce accurate, compelling healthcare stories.

Patient Information

All patients' privacy is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our patients have the right to refuse any release of their information. 

Patient safety, privacy and confidentiality are among our highest priorities. For this reason, we will not release patient information beyond what is allowable under HIPAA without expressed written consent from a patient or a patient's next of kin. 

Under HIPAA, information about the condition of a patient may be released only if the requestor's inquiry contains the patient's first and last name. In this case, we can release the following conditions:

  • Treated and transferred: Received treatment and transferred to a different facility.
  • Treated and released: Received treatment, but not admitted.
  • Critical: Unfavorable indicators; unstable vitals and not within normal limits; unconscious patient.
  • Serious: Questionable indicators; unstable vitals and not within normal limits; acutely ill patient.
  • Fair: Favorable indicators; stable and normal vitals; patient conscious, may be uncomfortable. 
  • Good: Excellent indicators; stable and normal vitals; patient comfortable and conscious.
  • Undetermined: Patient awaiting assessment.

Interviews at our Facilities

To protect patient privacy and confidentiality, a representative of our Media Relations team must accompany all members of the media while at our facilities. This includes interviews of patients and/or on-site filming and photography. This also applies to interviews that may have been arranged directly through a patient or patient families.

If you've been invited by a patient or a patient's family to one of our facilities, please contact a media relations team member to verify that someone is able to accompany you.

All patients, family members and employees must give written consent to a member of our Media Relations team prior to an interview at any of our facilities.

Our Medical Experts

Physicians and other healthcare providers on our medical staffs are available for interview on a variety of health topics. Whether you seek insights on cancer, heart problems, or other medical conditions, a new surgical procedure or general health and wellness, our experts can add depth to your story.

To request an interview with any of our experts, please contact any of our media contacts to arrange an interview.

Name Usage

When reporting on our health system, it is important to list the correct names of the organization's facilities.

  • Nuvance Health (Formerly Health Quest / Health Quest Systems, Inc.)
  • Vassar Brothers Medical Center
  • Northern Dutchess Hospital
  • Putnam Hospital
  • Sharon Hospital
  • Health Quest Medical Practice
  • The Heart Center

Media Contacts

For media inquiries regarding Nuvance Health/Health Quest Systems, Vassar Brothers Medical Center or Health Quest Medical Practice locations:
John Nelson
Office (845) 554-1736
Cell (845) 240-4317

For media inquiries regarding Northern Dutchess Hospital, The Thompson House and Wells Manor:
Sarah Colomello
Manager, Public & Community Affairs
Office (845) 871-1720 (ext. 1)
Cell (914) 474-7332

For media inquiries regarding Putnam Hospital:
Marcela Rojas
Manager, Public & Community Affairs
Office (845) 230-4773
Cell (914) 522-2222

For media inquiries regarding Sharon Hospital:
Marina Ballantine
Associate, Public & Community Affairs
Office (845) 554-1734
Cell (845) 249-8294