Midwives through the centuries

By Jenna Smith, CM  |  10/16/2017

Midwives have attended women during childbirth since the beginning of civilization, as far back as 5,000 BC. Through the centuries, midwives have held the same belief — that women’s bodies know what to do and babies know, too.

We reassure women that they instinctively give birth in an effective and safe way for themselves and their babies. Our patients are the experts regarding when and how to push. What I really want them to know is they can trust their body and baby and how amazing they are.

Midwives through the centuries timeline.


Health Quest Medical Practice certified nurse midwives offer women hands-on, supportive relationships throughout their prenatal checkups, during deliveries and postpartum care. Midwives are an integral part of the labor-and-delivery teams at Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Putnam Hospital Center and the Neugarten Family Birth Center at Northern Dutchess Hospital.