Medical massages heal the body, decrease pain

Massage therapy is one of the simplest and most basic avenues to prevent illness and maintain a strong, healthy and vital body and mind.

Massage hastens the body's natural inclination toward health and balance by generating circulation. This promotes oxygenation and healthy lymphatic drainage. The lymph system is responsible for removing excess fluids from the tissues and helps detoxify the body.

  • Extra fluid stored in the body can lead to stiffness and inflammation, which can put undue pressure on important organs such as the lungs and heart.
  • Detoxifying the body is crucial because toxins build up over time. By using massage therapy as an agent of circulation and detoxification, a body will be less apt to develop some of the symptoms that occur when toxins are not released from the body. For instance, joint pain, muscles aches, bloating and headaches are often mitigated by having regular massage.

Massage is also a key player when someone is healing from an injury such as a muscle tear or a cesarean surgical procedure.

  • During this process, it is common for membranes from injured tissues to adhere together during the healing process, causing scar tissue that can ultimately lead to inflexibility and muscular pain,  sometimes even creating disease.  Massage helps clear these adhesions so the body can be flexible and strong without limits.

These are a few reasons why massage is a simple way to return to health and wellness.

Jesse Scherer is a licensed massage therapist at Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck. She specializes in injury rehabilitation, soft tissue manipulation, reproductive health, digestion, hip and back pain, chronic Lyme disease ailments and more. The services are found in the Women's View Health Annex at 107 Montgomery St. To schedule a massage appointment, call 845-871-4380 (TTY: 800-421-1220). For more, visit