Couch to 5K®

By Sarah Bradshaw-Colomello  |  8/19/2016

Have the Olympic games inspired you to get moving? Before you go for the gold, take this advice from Benjamin Coons, a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist at Northern Dutchess Hospital, on how to start a running program:

"A running program needs to happen in slow, gradual increments. Focus on minutes and seconds instead of miles. Add 10 to 20 second bursts of running into your morning walk. A good option is to run between telephone poles or other landmarks. Rest for about 30 seconds to a minute between your bursts of running. As you slowly start to build up endurance, lengthen the running time and shorten the rest periods. Before you know it, you will be running a mile."

If you are not currently a runner, you can gradually start a running program with a little commitment and dedication. Remember that while running requires very little equipment, a pair of good-fitting running sneakers is essential. As you progress in your running, you may want to purchase a digital watch or a heart rate monitor to help track the intensity of your workout.

Couch to 5K® is a great plan for new runners and typically takes about one to three months to complete. Use this 9-week downloadable PDF guide from Benjamin Coons to get your running regimen started! Then, make your 5K goal a reality by signing up for the Rhinebeck Fall Foliage race on October 1.