6 early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease

By David Shany, MD  |  6/8/2017

Sometimes forgetfulness is a typical age-related change. It's not unusual to misplace something or struggle to recall a person's name. However, when someone becomes concerned about a loved one's significant behavioral change, it could be time to get them to see a doctor. Here are a few warning signs for Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases to look out for:

  1. Forgets to pay bills.
  2. Gets lost driving to frequently visited places, like the grocery store.
  3. Has trouble remembering names of close friends and family.
  4. Has trouble keeping house tidy.
  5. Forgets if they've eaten and/or can't recall how to cook favorite recipes.
  6. Misplaces common items, like keys or cellphone.

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