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Weight-loss surgery success relies on nutrition support

By Erik Morabito, Guest Blogger  |  2/26/2019

The Summer of 2017 was a tremendous turning point in life for me. At the age of 41, morbidly obese and in failing health, I finally took back control of my life and made an appointment with the Bariatric Program at Health Quest's ...

Mindfulness about eating is critical step in losing weight 

By Jenna Godfrey  |  1/17/2018

Armed with a good knowledge of proper nutrition, you might think you are ready to start a new weight-loss program or tackle your New Year's goal to shed a few pounds. But self-awareness is a key part of the process. Take a look at...

A healthy weight is more than a size

Society puts too much pressure on being a certain weight or wearing a size 0.  Numbers on a scale or a clothing tag aren't necessarily good indicators of what your healthy weight should be. When striving for a healthy weight,...

Commonly asked questions about sleeve gastrectomy

By Brian Binetti, MD  |  6/28/2017

What is a sleeve gastrectomy? The sleeve gastrectomy has quickly become the most popular weight-loss surgery performed nationwide. Named after the shape the stomach resembles at the conclusion of the procedure, about 80 to 85 perc...

What to think about if you are considering bariatric surgery?

By Anthony Maffei, MD  |  12/12/2014

If you are obese and have tried diet and exercise to lose weight with little to no success, then bariatric surgery (also known as weight loss surgery) may be a viable option for you. To help you make this decision, here are some t...