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Keep children's asthma symptoms at bay this summer

By Michele Goldman, FNP  |  7/9/2018

Summer has finally arrived, and that means outdoor fun, exercise and new adventures for families. However, a change in routines, activities, caregivers and environments can impact children with asthma. Summer preparedness While en...

Stop the fuss: Tricks for kids to eat vegetables

By Roufia Payman, DT, CDN  |  6/14/2018

If you have a young, picky eater in your family, you are probably all too familiar with the meal-time battle, prolonged dinners, the pinched noses and endless whining. But forcing a child to gag down foods that ...

Midwives through the centuries

By Jenna Smith, CM  |  10/16/2017

Midwives have attended women during childbirth since the beginning of civilization, as far back as 5,000 BC. Through the centuries, midwives have held the same belief — that women’s bodies know what to do and babies know, too. We ...

Avoid toy-related injuries this holiday

By Zacharias Chasin, MD  |  11/28/2016

Toys make for a merrier Christmas and Hanukkah. Yet, an estimated 251,800 children were treated in U.S. emergency departments for toy-related injuries in 2014, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Last holiday...

Packing the Perfect Lunchbox

By Indrani Dhar  |  9/1/2016

As the school year begins, now is the perfect time to reconsider what goes into your child’s lunchbox. When deciding what they should eat for any meal or snack, you want to choose foods that make the most impact on nutritional con...

10 Common Car Seat Mistakes

By Wendy Hennessy  |  10/27/2015

Mistake #1: Forward-Facing Too Soon The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children remain rear-facing in their safety seat as long as possible. When the child safety seat is in the rear-facing position, it protects th...