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Recent study shows a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in decreasing the
risk of dementia

By Paul Wright, MD  |  7/25/2019

As a practicing neurologist, I am frequently asked to see patients with memory impairment. I also see many patients who are concerned about possible future memory issues due to a family member having Alzheimer's disease. Most of u...

Caring for Someone with a Rare Disease

February 28th is Rare Disease Day. I interviewed Emily Liptak of the Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center to discuss how to care for someone with a rare disease. Caring for someone with a rare disease may seem like a daunting ...

My aging parent: How to prevent malnutrition

By Peter Fish, MD  |  2/13/2018

Geriatric patients often lose their sense of taste and appetite. As a result, they eat less and don't get enough nutrients. Caregivers need to understand that loss of appetite and weight is a normal part of aging, and that medical...

6 early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease

By David Shany, MD  |  6/8/2017

Sometimes forgetfulness is a typical age-related change. It's not unusual to misplace something or struggle to recall a person's name. However, when someone becomes concerned about a loved one's significant behavioral change, it c...

Adjusting to Aging: You’re Not Alone

By Allison Gould, LCSW-R  |  5/29/2015

People experience the aging process in many different ways. Some find that life gets finer as they experience a new sense of freedom and opportunity. For others, getting older can be difficult, triggering feelings of anxiety, depr...

Advance Care Planning: One of the most important decisions of your life

By Charlotte Michos RN, MS, CNS, CLNC  |  4/14/2015

People are often ill at ease about discussing death. Yet death is inevitable — the one thing that we all have in common. As a nation, we do not have a great track record of communicating our end-of-life decisions should we ever be...