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Holidays and Your Heart

Posted:  12/22/2020

Every year around the holidays, there’s a spike in cardiovascular symptoms leading to more doctor’s visits, hospital admissions and new prescriptions. This spike in cardiac issues around the holidays was first described in the 197...

Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes in Diabetes

Posted:  11/24/2020

It’s ironic that a month culminating in the carb-heavy gluttony of Thanksgiving is National Diabetes Month , but maybe that’s appropriate for America in 2020. The diabetes burden in America is enormous and somewhat astounding. Abo...

How much damage does COVID-19 really cause on the heart? ​

Posted:  9/15/2020

Does COVID-19 cause heart damage in athletes? The scary headlines after a recent report of cardiac involvement in COVID-19-positive college football players made a lot of young and otherwise healthy athletes across the country thi...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Masks and Exercising

Posted:  8/26/2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the COVID-15 has been a real problem for many of us. No, that isn’t a typo — the COVID-15 is the 15 pounds many of us have gained since gyms closed and we have been spending much more of our ti...

Cardiovascular care in the time of COVID-19

Posted:  6/18/2020

It’s astounding to think about how much COVID-19 has changed our lives since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost every aspect of normal life has been disrupted, and this has been felt as deeply in the medical system as anywhere ...