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Physical and Emotional Wellness Checklist

Posted:  8/7/2020

Wellness isn’t just determined by our physical health. Many factors contribute to our overall sense of well-being. Dr. Jodi Friedman, a geriatrician, and Allison Gould, a social worker, both with Nuvance Health’s Center for Health...

Bariatric patients shares how to stay healthy – even during a pandemic

Posted:  5/4/2020

Social isolation during the coronavirus crisis posed challenges for many, but for some people struggling with obesity, the changes that happened rapidly involving grocery shopping, business closures and non-essential work made it ...

Young stroke victim shares experience, anxieties

Posted:  5/4/2020

In honor of May’s stroke awareness month, Poughkeepsie resident Jenna Williams, 38, recalled the Sunday in early January when the unbelievable happened. That morning, Jenna woke up feeling dazed, dizzy and unrested. She tried to g...