Roufia Payman, DT, CDN

Roufia Payman is supervisor of outpatient nutrition education at Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck. Her upcoming events include: a National Diabetes Prevention Program in September for people with prediabetes; and Fun, Food and Fitness! in October for adolescents and their parents. To register, call 845-871-3600.

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Make the switch to meatless meals for better health

Posted:  5/4/2020

If you could make one small change today to improve your nutrition and overall health, here’s what it is: Spend one day a week as a vegetarian. Simple as that. Beginners tend to think vegetarians just eat vegetables and fruits. An...

Three steps for self-love through nutrition

Posted:  2/26/2019

If you could do a few little things today to be healthier, I have three tips: eat five cups of vegetables every day, drink more water and really be mindful of what you eat. To love your heart, you need to eat better. Eat Vegetable...

Stop the fuss: Tricks for kids to eat vegetables

Posted:  6/14/2018

If you have a young, picky eater in your family, you are probably all too familiar with the meal-time battle, prolonged dinners, the pinched noses and endless whining. But forcing a child to gag down foods that ...

A nutritionist’s guide to healthy holiday eating

Posted:  12/8/2016

The holidays bring tempting pastries, pies, cookies and (ultimately) weight gain. This guide from Northern Dutchess Hospital certified nutritionist can help you navigate the holiday season in a healthy way!  ...

Finding vegetables you like to eat

Posted:  9/22/2016

For many people, eating vegetables can be a chore. It doesn't have to be, though. Adding new or different vegetables to your plate can actually be exciting. Since no single vegetable can provide us with all of the nutrients we nee...

The secret to nutritious eating is at the farmers' market

Posted:  6/10/2015

If you haven’t visited one yet, you should. Food is our medicine. We have to love the food that loves us back, and we can find it at the dozens of markets now in full swing. Not only will you help the planet and support local agri...