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You're never too old to get vaccinated

Posted:  11/14/2018

With the new school year here, many of us are busy parents making sure our children are up-to-date on all the necessary vaccines. But it's important to note that the need for immunizations does not end in childhood. Adults may req...

Summer grilling: Can it be tasty AND healthy?

Posted:  6/22/2017

During the summer months, we spend time outdoors enjoying the company of our families, friends and tasty, grilled food. How tasty it is depends on the talents of the cook. How healthy it is depends on our habits and knowledge of w...

4 good habits to start in 2017

Posted:  1/13/2017

How does one define a good quality of life? Some people say it’s about happiness, but once we try to define what happiness means, it turns into a philosophical discussion. So, in practical terms, we may need to remember our state ...