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Headache or migraine: How you can tell the difference

Posted:  10/23/2020

Knowing the symptoms of headaches and migraines can help you get the right treatment and feel better faster Summary: A headache can cause pain in the head, face, or upper neck and can vary in frequency and intensity. There are dif...

Migraine and weather triggers: Tips to manage your symptoms

Posted:  8/21/2020

Although researchers have not identified a scientific correlation between migraine and weather, some people experience an increase in symptoms during hot, humid months Summary: Many people who get migraines experience worsening sy...

Drugs that stop migraine pain, prevent attacks

Posted:  6/27/2019

You may need a prevention medication, which is used to decrease the frequency, severity and duration of your attacks. You may also need a rescue medication that helps eliminate pain more rapidly, usually within two hours. Preventi...

Could your headache be a migraine?

Posted:  6/14/2018

Migraines are very common, but their unpredictability can bring a significant amount of stress and fear to those who get them. A migraine usually begins with warnings signs that can happen hours to days before the onset of pain. P...