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Sports Cardiology and the Athlete's Heart

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Dr. Zubair Jafar, the head of the Sports Cardiology program at the Heart Center, joins us in the Pain Cave to talk about the athlete's heart.  This is an important episode for anyone with cardiac concerns or risk factors, or anyone who is curious about safely beginning an exercise regimen.  We discuss the importance of exercise in maintaining good health, the benefits of high-intensity training, some potential cardiac complications of long-term aerobic exercise, the utility of different cardiovascular tests, the need for cardiac screening, and the potential for performance improvement. 

Sports Cardiology for the Serious Athlete

At The Heart Center*, our Sports Cardiology Program works with athletes to maximize your efficiency and assess  risk for exercise-induced cardiovascular events.

Whether you're an ultra-athlete, weekend warrior or college student, we offer innovative cardiovascular testing, including VO2 Max, designed to help you improve your performance on the field, the court, the track or the trail.

Maximize Performance

The Sports Cardiology Program at The Heart Center offers advanced testing to determine three important sets of performance data to assess your most efficient maximum heart rate for optimal training and competing. These include:

Aerobic base: Your optimal cardiovascular intensity for developing endurance.

Anaerobic threshold: The point at which your body switches to non-oxygen energy sources, which leads to the production of lactic acid.

VO2 max: The maximum volume of oxygen the body uses during one minute of maximal exercise.

State-of-the-Art Performance Testing

We help you determine the precise athletic performance intensity that's best for you based on your unique physiology. By assessing your individual performance data points, our sports medicine team can help you maximize your body's use of energy, reduce your risk of injury and determine the exercise intensity that's right for you. 

We can retest your data after 12 weeks to determine the effectiveness of your individual sports training program and make any necessary adjustments for optimal exercise intensity levels.

Identify & Monitor Risk Factors

A multidisciplinary team of physicians works together to screen athletes who may be at risk for cardiovascular conditions that can be triggered by exercise. They can identify cardiac risk factors before the heart is stressed to its limit, and monitor athletes with heart disease so they can safely participate in sports.

Examination and monitoring includes:

  • Physical examination
  • Personal and family history
  • Bloodwork
  • EKG
  • Chest X-ray
  • Echocardiogram
  • Exercise stress test
  • Arrhythmia monitoring
  • Screening and participation clearance for college athletes

A Team Approach

Our team is dedicated to providing athletes with medical monitoring and sports medicine testing to optimize training and maximize performance.

Our specially trained specialists include:

  • Sports cardiologists
  • Cardiovascular physicians
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Pulmonologists

*The Heart Center, a division of Hudson Valley Cardiovascular Practice, P.C.