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Monday to Thursday, 6am to 8pm
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Saturday, 7am to 2pm
Sunday, 8am to 2pm

Join our Wellness Center to exercise, stay healthy and have fun

At Health Quest we believe good health can become a habit! The Northern Dutchess Hospital Wellness Center, open 7 days a week, is a medically based fitness center that can help you make the kind of lifestyle changes that promote good health.

Whether you have an ongoing condition, have just completed rehabilitation therapy or simply want to get or stay in shape, our Wellness Center may be just for you!

Through an initial consult, private training and group classes, we can guide and support you to set and achieve manageable fitness goals. Certified exercise trainers are trained to assist people with special health needs.

Top-Class Gym

Our gym offers cardiovascular and weight-bearing equipment, giving trainers flexibility and a variety of options in working with many health conditions. Our generous hours allow you to schedule workouts according to your own needs. And with showers and lockers on site, you’ll find it comfortable to come work out, wash up, then go about your day’s activities with ease.

Special Offerings

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Since 1994, our Wellness Center has offered an outpatient program for those who have suffered a heart attack, experienced open heart surgery or angioplasty, or who have high blood pressure or other risk factors for heart disease. The program is rehabilitative, preventative and educational. For information, call (845) 871-4301. Also see Cardiac Rehabilitation.


Exercising before hip or knee surgeryknown as pre-habilitationcan help with your recovery time and post-operation pain.  It  may even shorten your hospital stay. In our "Prehab" fitness program, range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance exercises are tailored to surgical patients' needs while class size is small. Medical clearance and registration is required.

Moving for Life

Exercise to music in an interactive, fun and supportive environment specifically for cancer patients and survivors. Classes address the needs of anyone requiring accommodations due to physical limitations, cancer treatment side effects or other physical challenges that might require adaptations.

Membership Fees

One-Year Memberships

  • Individual $500
  • Family (2 Adults) $875
  • Senior (62+) $375
  • Senior Family (2 Adults) $625

Six-Month Memberships

  • Individual $300
  • Family (2 Adults) $535
  • Senior (62+) $220
  • Senior Family (2 Adults) $400

Three-Month Memberships

  • Individual $165
  • Family (2 Adults) $315
  • Senior (62+) $125
  • Senior Family (2 Adults) $240

To schedule a tour or to become a member, please call (845) 871-4300.

Group Classes

Come join one of our classes led by friendly certified fitness trainers. Classes are kept to small groups of around 10 to 12 participants, so you can receive personal attention.

Classes include:

  • Sculpt/Strength Training: Overall body sculpting using weights, exercise tubes and balls, plus your own body weight
  • Pilates/Stretch & Yoga: A combination of body postures to improve flexibility, strength and balance while also relieving stress, along with a no-impact form of body conditioning designed to improve posture and correct muscular imbalances while elongating/strengthening muscles
  • Chair Full Body Workout:  a complete body workout including aerobics, strengthening, core exercises, flexibility and coordination, that takes place while seated in a chair and is appropriate for all fitness levels.
  • Flexibility & Balance: Exercises to improve balance and stability as well as increase flexibility
  • Stretch & Relaxation: Stretching exercises to increase flexibility in conjunction with relaxation techniques
  • Mindful Movement: Moving your body in combination with placing your attention and focus on feeling what your body does throughout those movements.
  • Low-Impact Boot Camp:  Cardiovascular and strength training while rotating through multiple stations in a group.
  • Tai Chi

Classes are included with membership, $7/class for non-members.

Renew Active accepted. 

Download the Wellness Center Class Schedule

Wellness Center Class Schedule


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