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Featured Specialties

  • Cancer Clinical Trials

    Our oncology specialists leverage their expertise to attract the hilt of innovation, through industry-sponsored, governmental and investigator-initiated clinical trials, delivering potential for managing disease and quality of life in the face of the most challenging illnesses.

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  • Cardiology Clinical Trials

    With cardiac disease the predominant cause of morbidity and mortality, clinical trials for heart failure, coronary disease, rhythm disorders, and circulatory compromise provide access to evidenced-based cardiovascular care alongside life-preserving interventions, not available elsewhere in the region.

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  • Neurology Clinical Trials

    From stroke care to diagnostics and treatment of neurodegenerative disease, our neurology trials harness immerging technology to provide access to first-in-concept interventions, allowing providers to serve the regional need while discovering environmental and genetic determinants of disease.

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  • Colorectal Care

    Investigations in robotic surgery and minimally invasive colorectal procedures bolster our pursuit of modern clinical solutions that provide more consistent outcomes, while reducing recovery times and debility, transforming understanding of illness in our community into remedies for New York State and beyond.

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