Clinical Research

Health Quest’s Division of Clinical Research works with an extensive network of clinicians to support patient care through clinical trials. Our team is focused on offering additional treatment options for our patients. We conduct clinical trials in oncology, cardiology and neurology at our locations in Poughkeepsie and Kingston, NY. We currently offer 45 studies to over 1.5 million people across six counties with full-time experienced staff, managers, data operations and clinical research coordinators. We participate in outpatient Phase III & IV trials as well as registry and observational studies.

Our Mission and Vision

The Division of Clinical Research serves to uphold Health Quest’s commitment to provide the Hudson Valley with the latest in healthcare advancements through robust clinical trials.

We strive to improve the health of our community by setting standards of excellence in research, education, clinical services and quality of care. Clinical research gives patients an opportunity to proactively participate in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our diverse and inclusive research endeavors provide healthcare professionals with the ability to advance their medical and surgical practices. It is important to us that our local community can easily access clinical trial treatment options without traveling far. By providing a local site for national and international clinical trials, we continue to deliver Health Quest’s promise of quality services and excellence of care to the Hudson Valley.

Our Role Within Health Quest

As a not-for-profit organization, the Division of Clinical Research is an essential tool for assessing and increasing the services HQ provides.

We are part of an extensive network of research professionals who work closely with physicians and patients to ensure quality research services are provided.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial

People choose to participate in clinical trials for many reasons. Some participate in order to gain access to new treatments before they are widely available. Some want to contribute to medical knowledge that will help other patients. As more people participate in clinical trials, more answers to critical questions become available. Research outcomes help lead us to better treatment options and provide us with critical information on many disease processes. Participants in clinical trials have a more active role in their healthcare options and therapy decisions.