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The cancer registry keeps patient-identifying information private, while sharing data to improve cancer care nationwide.

As required by law, the Health Quest cancer registry collects information on patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer and reports this data monthly to the New York State Department of Health Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Database. By studying the data gathered by the registry, cancer specialists gain a better understanding of cancer and its treatments.

How Aggregate Information is Used

Analyzing this information allows cancer specialists to:

  • Evaluate patient outcome, quality of life and satisfaction issues and implement procedures for improvement of patient care
  • Provide follow-up information for accurate cancer surveillance
  • Calculate survival rates
  • Allocate resources at the healthcare facility, community, region or state level
  • Develop educational programs for healthcare providers, patients and the general public
  • Evaluate efficacy of treatment modalities
  • Report cancer incidence as required by state and federal statutes

What Information is Collected

Patient information includes:

  • Demographic Information: Age, gender, race/ethnicity, birthplace and residence
  • Medical History: Physical findings, screening information, occupation and any history of previous cancer
  • Diagnostic Findings: Types, dates and results of procedures used to diagnose cancer
  • Cancer Information: Primary site, cell type and extent of disease
  • Cancer Therapy: Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone or other treatments
  • Follow-Up: Annual information concerning treatment, recurrence and patient status

The cancer registry is required to follow patients for life (either through physicians or direct contact with patient) to determine what is occurring medically over time with him/her. Patient follow-up serves as a reminder to physicians and patients to schedule regular examinations and also provides accurate survival information.

What Information is Collected

Confidentiality of patient identifying information and related medical data is strictly maintained. Only aggregate data are analyzed and published without patient identifiers. Patient information transmitted to the NYS DOH is encrypted before transmission and received by a secure website maintained by the NYS DOH.


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