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At Health Quest Medical Practice, we offer options to treat behavioral health conditions in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our teams will customize a treatment plan that is centered on you. Whether you or a family member is dealing with depression, anxiety, substance abuse or deeper psychiatric disorders, we treat you with a variety of therapies to help you navigate the tough times and emerge stronger.

Behavioral health treatment can be handled in an outpatient setting by our board certified psychiatrists who are trained in numerous specialties, including depression, various psychological disorders, substance abuse and geriatric-specific problems. In cases of emergency, like suicidal threat or psychotic breakdown, our acute short-term inpatient mental health unit often proves the best and safest way to stabilize a personal crisis.

We also offer a day program that acts as a bridge between hospitalization and private therapy.

Outpatient Services

The Health Quest Medical Practice board certified psychiatrists see patients on a private basis. Some of our services include:

  • Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Psychotherapy

Some of the conditions we treat include:

Inpatient Services

For those suffering from acute psychiatric illness, the Putnam Hospital inpatient psychiatric unit can provide services for up to 20 adult patients at a time. We offer help through psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, medication management, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and case management services. We also work closely with outpatient providers in the community to ensure continuity of care, therapy and housing. Finally, we work with the family to find the best solutions for each patient.

Partial Hospitalization Program

For patients with severe psychiatric symptoms or who have not responded to outpatient treatment, the Partial Hospitalization Program at Putnam Hospital combines the focus of inpatient care with the comfort and convenience of outpatient treatment. This program allows patients to receive treatment during the day, then return home at night. Patients attend three to five days weekly, for between three and six weeks, depending on their specific needs. Therapies are primarily in a group setting and include cognitive behavioral therapy, wellness education, crisis planning and social skill building. Each patient is assigned a psychiatrist who adjusts medications and a case manager who assists with aftercare plans and other needs.

Crisis Services

Health Quest offers crisis services in the Emergency Department of Putnam Hospital . If you are having an emergency mental health crisis during the day, visit the Emergency Department. After hours, you will be seen by a mental health crisis worker. If your situation is dangerous to yourself or others, psychiatric hospitalization may be advised. If your situation is less threatening, you may be offered referrals to lower levels of care, such as partial hospitalization or outpatient treatment.


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