Genetic Cancer Care Clinical Trials

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Open to Enrollment

Study Identifier: Molecular Genetics Studies of Cancer Patients and their Relatives
Principal Investigators: Jonathan Clyman, PhD and Marianna Niell-Swiller

Sponsor: City of Hope National Medical Center, Dept of Clinical Cancer Genetics

Study Summary:In collaboration with the City of Hope National Medical Center’s Department of Clinical Cancer Genetics, The Dyson Center at Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Putnam Hospital Center will be offering a new study investigating inherited susceptibility to a spectrum of cancers in patients to whom we provide oncological care. In order to understand more about the etiology and epidemiology of rare cancers, the impact of gene alterations on clinical risk, and the implications genetics have on treatment outcomes, patients seen at the Dyson Center, Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Putnam Hospital Center will be referred to the study by their treatment providers for genetic counseling and enrollment into the study. Molecular analysis will be performed on obtained saliva and/or blood samples and the results contextualized with other available pathological specimen to determine the contribution of heredity and biomarkers to clinical presentation and disease progression.